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Flower on the Dune

Discover Flower on the Dune, our new Summer Collection, a celebration of femininity, power, and elegance. Inspired by the beauty of blooming dunes and the delicacy of summer landscapes, this collection invites you to explore the season with grace and confidence.

We have created unique pieces with light veils and exclusive prints that evoke the freedom and softness of sunny days.
Our dresses, which have a graceful flow, capture the magic of every moment with a fluidity reminiscent of the breeze over the dunes.
Our exclusive prints, inspired by botanical and natural motifs, add a touch of originality and refinement to each outfit.
Each garment is designed to enhance the feminine silhouette, giving every woman the opportunity to feel beautiful and powerful.

Embrace the summer season with Flower on the Dune, where each creation is an ode to femininity and elegance.
Whether strolling by the sea or enjoying a starry evening, our collection accompanies you with style and distinction.

Welcome to the universe of Flower on the Dune, where elegance meets the power and natural grace of every woman.

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Constance Dress
Constance Dress Sale price€479,00
Carole Trousers
Carole Trousers Sale price€205,00
Cora Top
Cora Top Sale price€189,00
Coline Top
Coline Top Sale price€210,00
Celine Top
Celine Top Sale price€149,00
Carla Top
Carla Top Sale price€238,00
Chiara Shorts
Chiara Shorts Sale price€308,00
Clemence Dress
Clemence Dress Sale price€435,00
Clara Dress
Clara Dress Sale price€380,00
Chloe Dress
Chloe Dress Sale price€418,00
Capucine Dress
Capucine Dress Sale price€435,00
Clea Trousers
Clea Trousers Sale price€339,00
Claudia Trousers
Claudia Trousers Sale price€325,00
Anastasia Maxi Shirt
Anastasia Maxi Shirt Sale price€392,00
Alice Shirt
Alice Shirt Sale price€292,00
Allana Blouse
Allana Blouse Sale price€342,00
Apolline Maxi Shirt
Apolline Maxi Shirt Sale price€377,00
Cecile Skirt
Cecile Skirt Sale price€219,00
Catarina Skirt
Catarina Skirt Sale price€233,00
Clarisse Shirt
Clarisse Shirt Sale price€339,00
Charlotte Shirt
Charlotte Shirt Sale price€330,00
Camille Shirt
Camille Shirt Sale price€313,00
Claire Shirt
Claire Shirt Sale price€294,00
Caroline Blazer
Caroline Blazer Sale price€525,00
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